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Supporting parents gives a laugh

This morning I finally met up with Leigh, the Director of School Hours Pty Ltd. I have been communicating with Leigh by email for some time now because I regularly promote School Hours as a flexible work resource in CareerSmart Mums workshops and wanted to know more about the site.  When I arrived at the designated coffee shop, I noticed a male sitting at an outside table and also that there were very few other patrons.  I approached the counter staff and asked whether “L-e-i-g-h” was a male or female name in their experience.  As we wondered and chuckled, the seated male rose and walked into the coffee shop, clearing up the answer to the question. Turns out that my assumption that I was communicating with a mum all this time was totally wrong!

The element of surprise didn’t stop there.  It was awesome to hear the School Hours story and to recognise our shared passion for supporting return to work and working parents.  Leigh offered me some wonderful ideas and tips and I’m super excited about future possibilities in our respective quests to support parents.