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As a mid-career executive, I found myself in somewhat of a career rut. Seeking professional guidance, I was very fortunate to find Judith to assist me with career counselling and planning. Judith took the time to listen and was able to fully understand the bigger picture issues in my current employment arrangements, where my skills and interests lay and what possible options could provide me with more fitting and fulfilling employment. Most importantly we were able to plan out a transition pathway which was sensitive to my present needs yet progressive and reassuring about the future opportunities. I cannot speak highly enough of Judith’s comprehensive capability and recommend her without hesitation. (Karl S.)

Judith was an amazing help when I needed interview preparation and assistance. As the interview was at short notice, she prepared a wonderful and insightful session to help me through a challenging interview which led to me receiving a job offer for a dream job! I cannot recommend her highly enough, with her preparation and notes which she passed on to me I was able to prepare efficiently and go into the interview full of confidence. Thank you! (Peter B.)

I would like to enthusiastically endorse Judith Uhlmann as an executive coach. I can’t recommend the sessions with her highly enough. Judith’s coaching style is warm and positive, and she is extremely practical and focused. She helped me to clarify my career direction and identify ways to help me develop my own business. Judith offered effective strategies, and more importantly, new perspectives and insights about future employment opportunities. I came away with a treasure trove of resources that I could refer to and work on in my own time. As a result, I feel more optimistic and excited about my career possibilities. (Melina M.)

Judith is sensational at what she does. Her excellent communication skills, personable nature, and strong ability to empathise with her clients make her a fantastic career counsellor. I truly appreciated the work and understanding she put into my assessment and her insightful and caring manner throughout our meeting. Judith is both professional and passionate – a combination which is essential in a field such as this. Thank you, Judith! (Amy W.)

I’m delighted to have Judith in my corner. Her collaborative coaching style is exactly what I needed. I was grappling with how to leverage transferable skills in a market which is new to me. We evaluated numerous options together. Judith shared resources and created networking opportunities to facilitate the process. She also sent comprehensive emails after each session, detailing what we had discussed and next steps. I’m excited about the direction my career is taking. I trust Judith implicitly and will continue to work with her. (Charisse A.)

After thirty years in the same profession, I am seeking a career change but was unsure of exactly what I wanted and could do. Attending coaching with Judith has provided insight, guidance, and clarity. Her discernment and constructive feedback have assisted me to recognise and hold confidence in my expertise, skill set and potential. I feel validated and empowered to pursue that next big step. Thank you so much, Judith! (Maree B.)

I came to Judith as a career-change client with a clear career goal, exhausted by efforts enacting a self-designed, detailed action plan. Judith’s vast knowledge of my intended industry, Brisbane and how to market myself effectively, gave me valuable insight into how the previous attempts could be enhanced or improved. Her positive guidance and insight as a recruiter helped me construct a new action plan which unveiled great, focussed and realistic strategies towards achieving my desired career goals. (Michael W.)

My counselling experience with Judith has been nothing but positive. She really invested into getting to know me and my interests. Judith provided me with plenty of resources and constructive feedback, and together we were able to develop an action plan to enable me to take my next steps in my career. Thank you again Judith! (Jeremy F.)

I have had the pleasure of working with Judith Uhlmann through this year to review and reinvigorate my career goals. Judith’s style, experience, and deep understanding of what it takes to actively manage the connection of career to values and purpose, has helped me to identify my strengths, be clear on what I don’t want to continue and prepare me to confidently move forward. Through our career sessions, Judith worked with me to build a career action plan that was easy to navigate and has driven tangible results. Her wealth of knowledge has also enabled me to tap into related resources that I may not have found or had access too without her guidance. Judith’s approach and coaching style has been invaluable, and I thoroughly recommend working with her if you are considering a career transition, refreshing your current path or simply want to develop your skills through actively managing your career. I look forward to working with Judith in the future.  (Jodie H)

Judith recently mentored my 21-year-old daughter who is coming to the end of her university studies and seeking work experience placements. My daughter was so excited after meeting with Judith. She said the advice she gave was excellent and that she really responded well to what her personal needs were and how her personality could be used to her advantage. In particular, she assisted with advising how to answer key questions in interviews and how to also question the employer. I have no hesitation in recommending Judith in this capacity. (Julie C.)

When I met Judith, I was at a point on my career where I had some success, but wasn’t entirely happy with what I was doing. Her approach, guidance and insights were extremely valuable and helped me define a long-term career strategy. Judith helped me to get clarity on what I want to do moving forward, but also showed me ways to achieve these new goals. The path I’m perusing now is exciting, challenging and in line with my strengths and career goals. I’m very grateful to Judith and would not hesitate in recommending her. Thank you! (Marcio C.)

It was such a pleasure to meet Judith Uhlmann. Having a consultation with her about my career path was definitely one of the best decisions I have ever made in my career life. I believe these days it is really hard to stay true to yourself and not giving up your career aspirations to fit in the society. Judith helped me to reconnect with myself again. Before the session she sent me a couple of assessments to magnify my values, interests, motivations and my ideal working environment. During the session she genuinely tried to get to know me by listening to my concerns and desires and provided me with a comprehensive action plan to step forward towards my ideal career. I highly recommend Judith to anyone who needs guidance and wise advice in their career life. Thank you, Judith. (Somayeh K.)

Judith is very professional and assisted me during a very difficult phase in my career. Her kind and positive approach to the situation lifted my spirits so I could establish a sound base to move forward with my job search and applications after being made redundant during the corona virus epidemic. (Susan J.)

I had a great session with Judith. She was very empathetic and skilled in understanding what I wanted to achieve from my session with her. Her diagnostic tools were really helpful in understanding my motivations and ideal working environments. Her action plan was very comprehensive, and it has provided me with a great framework to work towards. I would definitely recommend Judith to anyone seeking to re-focus on their career or assist in finding new direction. (Steph McK.)

I arranged an appointment with Judith hoping to get some guidance toward a career change after spending the majority of my working life in the same industry, and she delivered well beyond my expectations. She provided clarity and direction and helped me to understand who I am and what I should be pursuing in my career. I’m now extremely confident in the path that she has helped set me on and am excited for the future. Judith – I truly can’t thank you enough for helping me navigate such a difficult time in my life. (Alex S.)

Judith provided me with an empathetic and insightful perspective on my career aspirations; she made an effort to listen and get to know me, both during the session and through the pre-session assessments. By discussing with Judith what I wanted from my career, the sort of workplace that would suit my personality and which of my career options might most closely resemble my ideal career, she helped me to look at my options with clarity and better understand what it was that I wanted. I felt that Judith understood me, and shared her extensive knowledge in a kind and supportive manner to help me identify what I needed and how to achieve it. I would absolutely recommend her services for anyone who feels that they need career guidance or advice! (Nicola F.)

I had a coaching session with Judith recently and she really helped me to clarify my career path moving forward. She helped me uncover what I feel called to do in my life that uses my greatest strengths and turns them into a profitable career. I’m excited to put her advice and wisdom into practise. Thank you, Judith. (C.C.)

Judith’s career counselling exceeded my expectations, she was a wonderful person to talk with and very insightful. I would definitely recommend her. (Leo C.)