About Career Vitality

Judith Uhlmann – Principal Consultant

Judith is a Certified Professional HR Consultant and Organisational Psychologist with a postgraduate qualification in Career Development and Coaching.

Judith is passionate about people living their best life and understands that career is an important part of that. She has built her own career in HR Management and Recruitment, and consults on Leadership Development and Executive Health Coaching. Her 20+ years’ experience working in global Corporate and national SME businesses in a broad cross-section of industries in Australia, Asia-Pacific, and in Europe have Judith well equipped to give her clients a real edge in navigating today’s job market.

Judith works collaboratively with her clients to achieve clarity on suitable career options, and she inspires those she works with to identify and leverage their transferable skills, unique strengths and capabilities. She will support you to develop a career management strategy, initiate action steps, and sustain positive momentum and motivation to ensure best outcomes in line with your career vision and aspirations.

Judith coaches her individual clients to ensure they feel confident about and can articulate their value and contribution to the workplace. She is empathic and goal focused on helping and empowering people move forward with confidence.