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Welcome to Career Vitality!

Welcome to the first Career Vitality blog …  I’m so excited to be launching the new website and to have the opportunity to share some of my knowledge and ideas on career development with you.  I’m sure I must have felt a similar level of passion for my previous career in human resource management, but the passion I feel for career development sometimes surprises me.  I truly do regard career management and transition skills as critical for us all in the dynamic world of work that we live in.  While we can no longer rely on employer provided job security, we can achieve a degree of security by keeping ourselves employable, ie. building and maintaining our skills and work related behaviours.

The career industry has a long history in Australia, with the professional association (Career Development Association of Australia) recently celebrating it’s 25th anniversary, yet only a few know that career practitioners exist.  For many their only experience with the career industry was the school guidance officer many years ago.  Careers and the world of work have become far more complex and fast paced and many people need to further develop the career transition skills needed for success in the modern economy.

I look forward to expanding your knowledge of the career industry, as well as your career development skills, through this website because I honestly believe that having the right people in the right jobs is critical on an individual, organisation and macro level.

Please feel free to provide comment, share any ideas and help to create an awareness of career development in our community.