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Held hostage by friends, or so I thought

Photo by tiverylucky,

Recently the most interesting thing happened. While getting dressed for a coffee catchup I realised that my everyday handbag was not going to cut it with the floral dress I planned to wear. I opened the wardrobe housing my small handbag collection and was very excited to see a beautiful pink and black floral bag, the perfect accessory to my dress. The thing is, right, this bag had been hanging out there for at least three years. It still had the price tag on it yet it had never been given a chance to come out to play.

It didn’t take me long to recall the reason for its imprisonment. My partner had bought the bag for me when I fell for it at a market. I remember bringing it home full of anticipation. I excitedly showed it to a friend soon after and she looked at it and said “It’s not my taste”. As I reflect with the benefit of hindsight, I appreciate that it wasn’t her taste but it sure as hell was mine!

When did I lose faith in my taste, in my ability to make decisions for myself? Did I ever possess it? I think it has probably waxed and waned at different times in my life but I don’t think I ever truly and completely trusted myself. Maybe you’re different and have experienced the conviction of your views and, if you are, I applaud you! My fear is though that many of us are living lives strongly influenced by the views of others and I am hoping that my insight might help you to question if this is the case and remind you to believe in yourself.

Each of us is totally amazing in our own ways. We have unique gifts, talents, skills, attributes, and ideas yet we allow ourselves to be imprisoned. What I have realised is that it starts with me, the confidence to believe in and trust myself. What areas of YOUR life, if any, does this occur? How does it influence decisions? What might happen if you tried to do it differently?