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There’s no room for technophobia in job search!

Technology is all around us. The internet is a part of our daily lives, so it is no surprise it’s a huge part of the job hunt as well. You’ll certainly want to use technology to your advantage.

Creating a professional brand that attracts the employers you are interested in joining is key to using technology effectively.

So how exactly can you make sure you are promoting yourself appropriately? Read on to find out!

Job Search

 There is more than traditional job boards online to find a great position. LinkedIn is the largest professional social media site in existence today. Use this site as an online resume to show employers why you will be a great addition to their company.

Recruiters search the site frequently for keywords related to the positions they are recruiting for. Make sure your profile includes the keywords you want to be in the results for. Use a professional picture to show them you are someone they want to work with.

Connect with recruiters and hiring managers in the companies you want to work with. They will also post opportunities on their profiles, so make sure you check your feed!

Opportunity is a newcomer to the professional online networking scene. It isn’t anywhere near the size of LinkedIn, but it wouldn’t hurt to create a profile on this site as well.

Facebook is also a spot to connect with companies to locate roles. Many companies engage on this platform to share company news and opportunities. Career counsellors are also a great option to connect with on social media. They may share opportunities and job search tips that will aid in your search!

To research potential companies, make sure you review them on sites like Glassdoor. Make an informed decision on where you would be the happiest. You can also see important information about salary and benefits.

Online Presence

 Employers use technology to research candidates as well. Try googling your name to see what pops up. Likely one of the first links is your LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn ranks really high in search engine results, so make sure your profile is a great representation of yourself.

Your other online profiles will also show up in search results. If you are in the job market and don’t want employers to troll your social media, adjust your privacy settings. This may not keep everything from showing up, but it will make it much harder for them to find personal content.

To be on the safe side, review your social media accounts. Do they represent the brand you want to promote? Take down any pictures or posts that don’t reflect your professional image. This way if your settings aren’t enough, there won’t be anything negative for potential employers to see.

Technology has made the job search more simple yet more complex than ever. There are numerous career sites, with new ones added every day. Sometimes it is too much to navigate alone. Consider hiring a career coach to help you use social media to your advantage in your job search.