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From Failure to Entrepreneur of the Year

Sometimes navigating life and career can prove very challenging, especially if you are someone who expects a lot from themselves and experiences self-doubt.

At the end of 2016 I topped off my year by receiving the Hills and District Chamber of Commerce’s ‘Entrepreneur of the Year Award’. I didn’t think I would win with six other deserving nominees in contention, yet I knew that 2016 had been an amazing year of growth and achievement for me.

Around four years ago I was in a very different place personally and professionally to now. A certain set of circumstances led to my long history of self-doubt spiraling out of control. I believed that everyone could see that I was a hopeless failure and felt like my son and partner would be better off without me. I was someone with a good relationship, caring family, many friends, and positive attitude. But there was always something missing – always a feeling of not being good enough.

That was then. It hasn’t been an easy road but finally, I found some peace with myself – my imperfections and my strengths. Others inspired me to know that it is possible to challenge and change the voice in my head that criticises, limits and often presents a very different reality from what others see. I feel so blessed to be in a different place now and to have an opportunity to help others through my work as a career coach.

The award was great but my biggest achievement in 2016 was no doubt finding, and learning to like, me.

I hope that this story might inspire others to know that even the darkest times will pass and that we can choose our thoughts and have a significant impact on the course of our lives. Wishing you all the best in your career and life.

‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ Presentation