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Looking to make a career transition?

career ahead

How are you feeling about your career right now? Is your work generally engaging and energising you? Do you ever find yourself day dreaming about making a career change? Chances are that even if you’re not thinking about changing careers right now it’s something that you will experience at some point in the future and if you’re like me, you’d like it to be as painless as possible.

So how do you work out what career to pursue next? Recently I have had a casual career counselling gig at a local university and what has really shocked me is how often students select careers and courses without any research. Many of the students I have met have never spoken to someone in their target occupation.

My work with many private clients confirms that this is not a rare phenomenon, with many of us approaching our early jobs in this way. Having also gone through my own career transition from human resources management to career coaching several years ago I thought I might share some tips that will increase the success of your next career transition.   <Keep reading  on Champagne Cartel>