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Supercharge Your Development with a Coach

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Are you someone who wants to grow and reach your goals as quickly and efficiently as possible? I know that’s not everyone’s thinking but since I’ve worked out what I want, I know I’m constantly feeding my mind and looking for ways to accelerate the time to get there.

Recently I picked up my seven year old son from school and still had one of my favourite podcasts playing. After a couple of minutes, with me thinking “I hope some of this subliminally sinks in for him”, Matt asked “Mum, why do you listen to this stuff?” I told him that I wanted to be cleverer to which he replied “Mum, you’re already clever”. While, I wish I had recorded those words because I’m sure that’s not what he’ll be saying in another seven years, his comment reminded me of another situation that had come up.

A few months back, I engaged a speaking coach to assist with a new presentation. We met to discuss strategy, the technical aspects of speaking, issues and insights. One of the most valuable parts of our work was my coach observing me presenting and providing me with super helpful feedback, some validating but also some suggestions for improvement. After the presentation a friend who had hung back said to me, “A few of the ladies I spoke to questioned why you engaged a speaking coach when you’re already a great speaker”. While I was a little flattered by their comment I knew without a doubt that the decision to engage a coach was one of my better ones.

So why would you consider a coach? There a just so many reasons but here’s a few to consider:

  1. Expertise. Many coaches have technical and/or coaching skills that will save you from floundering around and falling into every pothole along your path. With someone who has been there guiding you, you will fast track the time it takes you to be getting the results you want.
  2. Goal setting. A coach can help you to establish what it is you want and support you to identify what you will need to do, or who you will need to be, to get there.
  3. Accountability. Sometimes even when we know what we need to do, we don’t do it. Having to report back has a way of motivating and keeping you honest.
  4. Challenge. It is so easy for us to sit in our comfort zone but a coach is all about supporting us to reach our potential. They will challenge your thinking as well as help you to set challenges for growth.
  5. Independent but invested in your success. Often our friends and partners can tire of listening to our stories and frankly they can be just a little too close to the situation. They often see us in a certain light or can bring their own issues to the discussion. A coach can be the perfect sounding board, is objective and wants you to be successful.

So far I’ve found my coaches through my networks and I’d highly recommend that. If it’s purest coaching you’re after you might try the International Coach Federation (ICF). If you want to get the best outcomes possible in your career, definitely consider a career coach. We specialise in coaching for job search, resume, interview, career management and more.

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