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How to fast track landing your next job

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Where do you look for roles when you’re in job search? Are you like many others who trawl Seek advertisements? There’s a bunch of different job boards out there but one thing they have in common is that they’re incredibly competitive because most job seekers focus on that channel.

When providing career guidance to my clients, I encourage them to think broadly to maximise their job opportunities. There is a strong view in the market that as many as 70% of jobs are not advertised and this is what we refer to as the hidden job market.

So how do you access the hidden job market? A great place to start is your network which can be a source of vacancies, referrals and support. Why not check out my You Tube video which steps you through an excellent tool for mapping out your network so that you recognise who can support your job search?

Direct approaching employers can get great results. I know of a woman who has never applied for a role but always keeps a resume in her car for when she comes across the right employer. Identify a number of employers you are interested in working for and send them your resume. Follow them on LinkedIn and visit their website careers pages to potentially access unadvertised roles. Work out if you know anyone who can provide an introduction to a person or company of interest as a referral can dramatically increase your chances of success. You might even write to a company with an offer to solve a problem they have or with a way to generate additional revenue into their business which has led to roles actually being created.

Consider including social media in your job search. I’ve had clients post on Facebook that they’re looking for their next opportunity and it’s been delivered to them. LinkedIn is also an excellent resource. While the platform advertises jobs, there are the additional benefits of companies posting vacancies on their pages which are only accessible to those following the company and you can easily see your network and network’s network to tap into opportunities and introductions.

Other valuable strategies include volunteering or enrolling in a course. Volunteering can be a great way to get experience and can lead to paid work. A course will build skills while connecting you with new network contacts and their benefits.

If you would like advice for accessing the hidden job market, or could benefit from some career guidance, call Donna on 0419 120 601 or email to book a free 15 minute consultation. We work with Brisbane clients as well as offering skype and telephone consults nationwide.